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Should I choose Licensed or License-free radios
You would think its straight forward – Licensed two way radios need a license and license-free don’t!
So why should I bother with a license?

Licence-free Two Way Radios
With license-free radios they arrive ready to go. It’s as simple as charging the battery and choosing the channel you wish to operate on. However, you are restricted to a relatively small area of operation - approximately 1 mile radius with a good line-of-sight.

License-free radios are not secure, others operating on you channel may interfere with your transmission and would be able to hear you conversation. We therefore don’t recommend license-free radios businesses or organisations where sensitive conversation may be overheard.

Licensed Two Way Radios
With Licensed radio you have roughly eight times more power in comparison to Licence-free radios, thus providing significantly better coverage up to two and half miles, subject to terrain. This can be increased to twenty plus miles with a single repeater.

Having your own dedicated frequency on which you operate provides you with security. Obtaining a license is relatively easily, with the basic cost at approximately  £75 for 5 years.

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